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When we’re growing up, we’re told to learn a thing or two. Crack open a book and read for a better understanding of the times that came before us. The words muddy in our brains and fail to serve their purpose as we struggle to visualize the great battles and milestone occasions that mark the ongoing timeline of human life.

Then gaming emerged, and a whole new way to learn started to enter our households. Whether you’re a traditional board gamer, wargamer, or video gamer, you have at your fingertips an interactive tool that has the potential to transport you eons into the past. That is, so long as the right team is behind the finished product.

At Epoch XP, we take the reins of these immersive and engaging experiences to help you, the developer, create an authentic glimpse into the past. Our team of researchers thrives in the archives, pulling the finest details that can turn a good historical game into a revered title.

Feel trapped somewhere between accuracy and entertainment? The first rule of any type of gaming is it must be fun – and we’ve perfected the art of blending historical detailing with thrilling stories and epic battles. At Epoch XP, we work with our mission in mind – to provide players with the opportunity to Game the Past and Engage the Present.


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