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Remember the first time you got lost in a game? Whether it was an expansive digital world or a tabletop battlefield, you simply couldn’t pull yourself away. It was always just one more quest or, as insiders joke, “Wait… Just… One… More… Turn!”
At Epoch Xperience’s Historical Gaming Academy, we use our knowledge of video game and wargame development to help you build immersive and engaging experiences. The Historical Gaming Academy covers various topics spanning video game and wargame planning, creation, and implementation. Wherever you may be in development, we can guide you to five-star success with our customizable coursework.

Build your own curriculum of courses that explore how to:

  • Create Rich Environments

    Humans are natural explorers. And history? The ultimate discovery!
  • Drive Deep Narratives

    Great narratives turn NPCs into nerd-pop icons. Historical details are “interest steroids.
  • Engage Your Players

    Give your game the details that engage players and create a world they can resonate with.
  • Make Challenges Real

    Create challenges with proven strategies that draw players in and create sell-out success.
You want to create a memorable game – one that gets played and released time and time again and becomes a golden standard for the industry. Our full-service line of customizable coursework is taught by industry experts that will curate ideas and strategies to turn your best concepts into breakthrough success. Hone your strengths, augment your best ideas, and create games that live on through history.
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