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Research & Development

The annals of our world’s past are locked away, often tucked neatly into archives and records not easily uncovered. As a game developer, you have enough on your plate, and you will not want to invest the time into being a veritable Indiana Jones of historical information.

Our Research & Development services call upon the brightest minds in historical investigation and analysis. We will piece together the fragmented segments of the past and help you develop them into rich and engaging worlds, scenarios, and characters that will appeal to the die-hards and captivate the masses.

  • Historical Background Development

    Every little historical detail of your video game will be scrutinized by the players engaging it. So why not make sure those aspects are as spot-on as possible? From the most minor elements like weapon design to the much bigger picture, our historical background development digs deep into the archives to give your game an edge over the competition.
  • Script Fact-Checking

    The script is the lifeblood of your historical narrative. We will embark on a fact-checking expedition to ensure it’s ready to be turned into an interactive experience. Along with verifying the accuracy of the historical information, we will also provide recommendations to omit content if we find it does not fit the story you’re telling.
  • Art Design Support & Research

    Every moment in history has a very specific appearance. Without the proper resources, it can be challenging to capture the appropriate look. We’ll scour visual records to ensure your development team has the resources needed to recreate everything from standard attire to the period’s architecture. Our goal is to make your players feel like they’ve stepped back in time.
  • Immersion Cultivation

    Creating historical video games is a balancing act. On the one hand, you want to appease the crowd passionate about history. On the other, your game has to be fun. It is possible to be too accurate, which is why we’ve learned to tailor the experience to cultivate immersion and edutainment. We will work closely with your team to develop a finished product that is a perfect blend of historically authentic and entertaining.

Create Rich and Detailed Environments

Drive Deep

Bring the Past
to Life

Pre- & Post-Release Marketing

Okay, so you have released your historical game. Now what?

At Epoch XP, we understand that the work put into a title extends well beyond the release. While you’re tinkering away, fine-tuning the mechanics and making tweaks to the gameplay, you’re also supposed to be managing your game’s marketing – and this is where so many indie game studios stumble.

Even after development is completed, our team of marketing experts, social media managers, content writers, and historical researchers can stay on to help get the word out. A random social media post here and there isn’t going to get your game seen, which is why we offer:

  • Audience Development

    Knowing who to target with post-release marketing is crucial to your game’s success. Filtering content to the wrong players results in a wasted marketing budget and potential lost revenue. We will help define your core audience by focusing on multiple factors, including historical interest and preferred genre.
  • Blog & Content Writing

    The historical authenticity of your game does not have to begin and end in your digital adventure. Reach out to your target audience with blog posts that dig deeper into the lore behind your historical setting. We will curate engaging and informative blog and social media posts that intrigue players into wanting to know more about your experience.
  • Event Marketing

    Conventions and expos are a goldmine of marketing opportunities, providing you direct access to your target audience. But how do you best utilize these events to market your game? We will help your teamwork with convention management to best take advantage of these gamer gatherings.
  • Social Media Engagement

    In today’s age, there is a critical need to keep in touch with your current and prospective players. Through social networking and engagement, we will help create historically authentic materials and content that will keep your audience coming back for more. Social media is your opportunity to share information about your game, highlight history, get closer to your players, and secure those sales.
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