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Wargaming is a type of strategy game meant to simulate the conditions one finds in armed conflicts. Wargames can and have been set at all levels of conflict, be it strategic, operational, or tactical. Wargames can also span all modes of conflict, from air to land and sea. Wargames are available in the hex and counter (board) formats, miniatures, or on a personal computer or other electronic devices.

Generally, there are two types of wargames

  • Professional

    “During the war, the war with Japan had been re-enacted in the game rooms here by so many people and in so many different ways that nothing that happened during the war was a surprise—absolutely nothing except the kamikaze tactics towards the end of the war; we had not visualized those.”

    -Chester A, Nimitz, 1960

    Professional wargaming is conducted by various professional organizations, either government or civilian entities, to either fight a hypothetical battle or refight a historical one to draw lessons from the exercise. It uses a variety of simulation tools and techniques with the participants of an actual situation to test future capabilities, courses of action, or potential problems and responses. At Epoch XP, we bring our experienced staff and a variety of tools to meet the needs of you and your clients. Enter into the future forewarned and armed with the tools needed to face any possible situation.

  • Hobby

    Wargaming may have been designed for a professional setting, but hobbyists have adapted it for at-home entertainment and collection. Conducted by enthusiasts with like-minded individuals either gaming out a battle from a period of history, a hypothetical battle, or one drawn from the pages of fiction, the multifaceted hobby involves following a ruleset while maneuvering detailed miniatures or markers across a playing field. For the players, it’s a fun way to engage their tactical thinking and game out scenarios from ages past. But without developers turning real-world conflicts into gameable scenarios, the concept of hobbyist wargaming wouldn’t exist. At Epoch XP, we utilize our knowledge of the past and wargaming to help create rules and build out an immersive scenario.

Epoch XP offers a range of services for your wargame development, and we’ll be there every step of the way.

Research, Design &

  • Research & Development

    It’s not enough to just set your wargame in a specific time period. You also need to guarantee a certain level of realism and authenticity – and that’s where we come in with our full-service research options for your historical wargame or scenario. Our experienced staff of researchers is equipped to assist in all of your research needs, big or small, to guide development to achieve the highest standards of historical fidelity. Our dedicated team will dig through records to elevate your wargaming experience above all others – but that’s not all.
  • Game Design

    It all starts with an idea and a crude design. Then, your concept blossoms into a myriad of scattered notes and overwhelming ideas. We’ll help you compile everything into a coherent design, working through the process to tackle component design, rules writing, concept development, and even ground-floor wargame creation. Our experienced game design staff has worked in all stages of game design, and we can make it easier to meet your early-stage needs.
  • Game Development

    Once you have a competent and organized design, it’s time to develop it into a finished product. As part of the game development process, we can advise all aspects of the final build, from rules editing, running playtests for your design, and helping your staff keep things on track. Our team will work closely with your game to ensure it’s ready for the inevitable harsh scrutiny of the public.

Engage Your Players

Develop Real Challenges

Bring the Past to Life

Pre- & Post-Release Marketing

Now that your wargame is released, it’s time to start thinking about how to get it into players’ hands.

At Epoch XP, we understand that just because the scenario is drafted, the rules have been tested, and the map created doesn’t mean you’re done working for your wargame. While you’re working out some of the last-minute kinks, your mind also has to think about wargame marketing – and this is where it is so easy to stumble.

Heading into post-development, our team of marketing experts, social media managers, content writers, and historical researchers can stay on to help build awareness for your game. A random social media post here and there isn’t going to get your game seen, especially in this industry. That’s why we offer:

  • Audience Development

    Your wargame isn’t going to appeal to everyone. Defining your audience so you’re marketing specifically to them is a crucial key to success. Appeal to the wrong group, and you’re just wasting your marketing budget and forfeiting revenue. We will help define your core audience by focusing on multiple factors, including historical interest and preferred genre.
  • Kickstarter Crowdfunding

    Developing a wargame can be a costly endeavor. There is nothing wrong with turning to your audience for funding to ensure you can develop the product you’re envisioning, and they receive the product they want. We’ll start at the beginning with you to create a Kickstarter campaign that best represents your wargame and shares a message true to your brand.
  • Event Marketing

    Wargaming conventions unfold all across the nation (and the world!). This means of direct marketing not only puts you in the same space as your target audience, it provides them an opportunity to get hands on with your wargame. However, there is a lot that goes into showing at a convention. We’ll help you or your team work with convention management to best take advantage of these wargaming gatherings.
  • Social Media Engagement

    If you want to be recognized these days, you absolutely must have a social media presence. More than three-quarters of the nation receive their news from social media – and you want your wargame’s release to be among that information. Through social networking and engagement, we will help create historically authentic materials and content that will hype your wargame and keep your audience coming back for more.
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